Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Going off to Jury Duty

As if I did not have enough time already... Now I am off to jury duty to see if they will grant me a waiver so I can get back to work. Yesterday was a very productive day thankfully. I had a chance to apply my own insytes to the company's nascent organizational culture by setting up our intranet (Blog, WIKI, DocLib, ResourceLibrary and even a BugTracker) You know, it looks like that hosting investment is going to pay off for a lot of my related domains - now that I know what to do, I will soon be cranking out a separate site for the following concepts (relaunching as a gadget blog / directory)

Lots to do over the coming month while we get our development underway - every moment will be full and fun.

[INSYTES: PERS: jury duty, blogging, in the moment]


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