Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Web 2.1: An Idea, Some Focus

My girlfriend and I have been talking about how cool this idea really could be. I was worried about the content quite honestly, which is determined by those 3 things I mentioned - an idea, some focus and some structure - but more importantly, it is determined by participants.

As the first participant, I wanted to refresh an old idea I had whose time had come - The Noble Pursuit - evangelizing the fact that the world does not always need to be this way - that each and everyone of us can make change and improve our world with the unique gifts we possess. Just read it and comment on it - and if you do blog about it, tag it with 'TheNoblePursuit' so everyone can stay on top of your input and ideas.

I need to run, but wanted to mention that I set up a WIKI for BrainJams the other day, which is the type of event this would be (read my other post on this below). I now have registered web2point1.org and redirected it to the BrainJams site where we can all talk about how this might go down - please add your ideas there...


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