Friday, July 08, 2005

Ex: Knowledge Marketing Done Right... in bed

Just saw a spot on late night tv for the Sleep Number Bed. Was about a frisky, experimental couple who had tried everything looking for the best nights sleep - water beds, space beds etc... Now they have finally found it by each getting their own numbers for their own personal perfect comfort.

Is really going directly after the most likely to buy segment - appealing to the affluent, adventurous, experimental, desirous of comfort niche segment with 'people like themselves', just telling their story with some history, some insight/advice and some comedy to make you feel good about it. Hits dead on with all aspects of The Communications Strategy as well - and a quick cruise through their web site shows that they really get it. For example, their Learning Center is the most prominent item on their home page in upper left navigation and they have a What is your sleep # estimator to advise on getting a good nights sleep. For instance, for me it said I would be better off choosing a firmer surface for my mattress whereas I always want a fluffier feather bed variety like at the W Hotels.

I would be interested to see what sort of communications they have with purchasers after the sale - if anyone knows, please contact me....

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

OS X RSS Readers

Found a great article on this subject at DrubkenBlog - if you dont have one yet and are on a Macinsosh, this is a long but important read...

The Blubble????

OK - me thinks this is really getting overheated, though I also believe the money is moving more smartly this time. But over on CNET there is a blog post about there being too many blogs about blogs and he is calling it the BLUBBLE.

1 - Just as the media is making inroads with niches (i.e. The Fly Fishing in Saltware channel) people who self-publish online (i.e. Blog) will create even more micro-niches (such as the former members of co-ed softball league championship dynasty who want to know what is happening with the team today)

2 - So an audience may only be 3 people, but they are 3 people who care.

3 - BLUBBLE? are you serious - please oh please don't let this become a new buzzword

4 - Also, contributing to the rise of blogs are people, like myself, who post to 3 or more blogs for want of segmenting my audiences and making it easier for them to read what I consider important within a different context. On this blog, it is business strategy and trend related thoughts. On The Noble Pursuit it will be more focused on evangelizing that core idea.

Finally, I was debating on whether I would use MSN Spaces, LiveJournal, Bubbler, Yahoo 360 or Tribe for my personal journal but then again, I dont have much time to stay on top of the personal stuff as it is, so I am waiting them all out to see who advances best - Alex has certainly caught Tribe up with the Yahoo folks with the latest release of the Tribe profiles, so it is a tough call to pick a favorite, but Tribe and Yahoo 360 seem to have the best overall experiences.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

One of the original Insytes

During the summer of 2002 was when I first started organizing my ideas around what is becoming Insytes the company. Of course, everything up to that point lead me to this, but I distinctly remember sitting in a park in London on my way to a business partner's wedding in Greece when the concept of the situational knowledgebase came into focus. In that notebook I just rediscoverd one of the foundational Insytes upon which this system is being built.

Reflection/meditation is the process of being still and thinking about something in order to determine how we feel about it.

Writing is the process of choosing words to share that feeling with others.

Music plays those feelings on our emotional strings.

Video powers the messages wtih action and images.

More to come later this week - later today even after my day of meetings...